Surrounded by Clutter

I deal with clutter on a daily basis.  At home, at work, in my car…  everywhere.  I can never seem to get ahead.  At work – I deal with clutter for clients.  Taking all the miscellaneous paperwork they have and trying to help offices go paper-less.  Wow – do some of them have a lot of paper around!!

At home is where I deal with the most clutter.  I am a pack-rat, but I’m also an organizing Nazi.  I love boxes, bags, containers, etc to keep my clutter in.  Chances are – if it’s a jumbled mess of stuff – instead of cleaning it up – I’ll just throw it in a box.  So – things may look picked up – but don’t open any of those boxes!!

Some of my horrible clutter areas include my closets, the kids toy room and my office.  I always intend on sorting thru the containers, but somehow, that never occurs and I just end up adding more to it.  I’m constantly buying more organizational items to help keep things neat.  Maybe I’m hoping that one of these days it’ll actually work.

I always used to be a VERY organized person.  When I was younger, my Legos were actually kept in their original box and color coded.  The reds stayed with the reds, the blues with the blues, etc.  I also used to have a toy safari set and I would wash the wheels of the jeep after I was done playing with it and then put it back in the box that it came in!!

I’m also the type of person that needs to have a complete set of anything.  So, when the kids were younger – if they got a new toy that had 6 other coordinating items – I had to get all of them and then, of course, I had to get a box or bag to keep them all in.  (Which the kids never used)  (They also never kept my Legos color coded!!)

I often tease Mom about having too much clutter, but I find that I’m becoming just as bad.  In my office – I have old computer equipment that I know I’ll never use, but does it find it’s way to the junk.  Absolutely not!  I may need it someday!!

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