The Occasional Collector

I am not a huge fan of collections. If I think hard, I can come up with three groups of items I have collected.

Ceramic Dogs

First, I collected ceramic dogs. I would go to the dime store every couple of weeks and pick out my favorite. I arranged them on the bookshelves above my bed. I probably had 25 or 30 different dogs before my interest in collecting them waned.

Lady Bugs

Next, I was into ladybugs. I thought they were adorable and I seemed to find them everywhere. I had clothes with ladybugs, scarves with ladybugs, keychains, stick pins, a wooden spoon, headbands, and even a ladybug purse. I had a girlfriend who collected owls so for every special occasion, I would send her an owl and she would send me a ladybug. After a while, I tired of everything ladybug. It seemed that everywhere I looked, there they were. Now that I think about it, this was the reason I was attracted to them in the first place. I even had another friend send me two framed pictures of ladybugs mating. That kind of ended it for me.

I went several years without really collecting anything. I decided that collections could be overdone.


Most recently, I have become interested in dragonflies. I started a voice-over business called Dragonfly Voices. The business hasn’t gone anywhere but I’m still fascinated with dragonflies.

When I see things written about what dragonflies stand for, it always seems to resonate with me. If I’m having a not-so-good day, and I see a dragonfly, it can turn my day around. To me, a dragonfly sighting is a sign of good luck.

My logo for Sidetracked Sisters is the dragonfly. I think it suits me and when I find a dragonfly that I feel is tasteful, I will purchase it. It makes me smile and reminds me to recognize and celebrate the good luck in every day.

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