Indecisive Decisions

careerThe lack of a clear career path kept me from following through and going to college. At first, I wanted to be a clothing designer but I had none of the natural skills to make this work. I thought about being a veterinarian because I loved animals, but I couldn’t get excited about the necessary years of schooling.

I enjoy helping people solve their problems which led me to thoughts of a Psychology career, but the time spent going back into people’s pasts turned me off.

The only area I excelled in through school was writing and public speaking. I loved to debate. I enjoyed preparing and presenting forensic writings. I loved using my voice to convince people of important points. I would have liked to get training in this area when I was young. The combination of writing and speaking always appealed to me.

When I worked for the Wisconsin Main Street organization, I greatly enjoyed presenting my thoughts and successes to other people involved in downtown revitalization. I found it rewarding to have others question me about different areas of downtown and urban development. My love of downtowns and my desire to complement the present with the past and embrace it motivated me.

careerListening to others and offering feedback in return was a strong interest of mine. I was a banker for over 45 years. The part I enjoyed was listening to customers’ challenges and helping them find solutions.

I’d never heard of a career in coaching until now. As I examine this avenue currently, it checks all the boxes.

I think my greatest failure was my inability to make a decision and stick to it. Despite my indecision, things turned out fairly well.

As of this writing, I recognize several perceived obstacles in the way of my next success. Does anyone know a good personal coach??

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