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careerWould you believe that while growing up I wanted to be a housewife and mother? I lived in a wonderful place with a group of stay-at-home moms and housewives.  They made this sound like such a fulfilling, relaxing, and happy life.  This was in the fifties and women that I knew didn’t work out of the home.  We lived in an Ozzie and Harriet atmosphere.

Then when I entered high school we were taught to concentrate on a career.  I found that I preferred typing, bookkeeping, and topics like that instead of chemistry, calculus, and college-ready courses.  So, that definitely steered me towards secretarial, office administrator-type jobs.

While in junior high school, I toyed with the idea of being an airline stewardess.  I had an aunt that was that and her life seemed like a fairytale.  But, being more of a follower I would never have pursued this without a buddy to share this with.

At this time there was not a great push to my knowledge to shoot for jobs on a higher level, say doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur.  You see, being a woman, we were pigeon-tailed to be less than what any boy would strive for. Women were not encouraged to work as I found out on one occasion when I was pregnant with our first child. I was given a lot of criticism for going back to work.  I was accused of not wanting my child.  Go figure!!!

careerI had thought it would be a good idea for me to go to a business school, but after my parents talked to my stenographic teacher it was decided that I was doing the same work upon high school graduation that I would be striving for by going to business school.  So, I guess that made the choice easy.  I would have liked to go to school for the experience, but it was felt that this would be a very expensive and unnecessary experience.

While in junior high school, I had toyed with the idea of being an airline stewardess.  I had an aunt that was that and her life seemed like a fairytale.  But, being more of a follower I would never have pursued this without a buddy to share this with.

I chose to be a legal secretary.  I actually didn’t pursue this directly, as when I was a senior in high school I got a part-time job as the secretary to the Superintendent of Schools.  Then when I graduated I was put in this position full-time.  I was told I would be able to use all my skills, one being short-hand, which I worked hard to get great grades in.  Well, that didn’t happen, so when an attorney called my father and asked if I would consider coming to work for him, I chose that option.  It was presented to me that this could open other doors such as court reporting.  This sounded interesting to me so I decided that I would take the legal secretarial job.  I worked for an attorney who had a difficult life, but was a very good teacher in the legal field for me.  This enabled me to learn a lot without having to go to school.  I stayed in this position for fifty-six years.  My boss sold his business to his son after 23 years and I worked for him from then on.  He was much easier to work for and allowed me to excel.  After many years I decided I wanted to get “that little piece of paper” that seems to be a must to get ahead in this world.  This being some type of a diploma.  It was not required in my position, but I was curious to find out after working in the law office all those years if I was, in fact, a paralegal.  It turned out I was.  I also found out that I would never want to be just a paralegal, because being a legal secretary gave me a full scale of knowledge that I would not have received if I was just a paralegal.

Just as a side note:  I also love to decorate.  So, while at the law office, I was given full reign to decorate on a limited basis with what was there to offer, plus I was able to decorate for the seasons.  This little activity made being in this law office a lot more fun for me.

I feel that the career that I chose was a good one for me.  Being in the legal field gives you knowledge in divorces, real estate matters, estate planning, and other life happenings such as traffic situations, business creating, you name it.

This has worked for me and I truthfully wouldn’t change a thing. 

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