A Grandparent’s Perspective

Having grown up in a household of girls, and having two daughters of my own, I am probably not the best judge of the difference between raising girls versus boys.  But, then the unexpected happened!! I became the grandma to two girls and FOUR BOYS.  Now we can compare.

Boys tend to be a lot more physical and boisterous.  When there is a disagreement, or just for the fun of it, boys seem to love to wrestle, and tend to be physical at the slightest altercation. They also can be angry one minute, wallop the other guy, and be best friends the next.  Now girls are mouthy.  They yell and scream, and tend to hold grudges for a long time.  Boys tend to be very loud and obnoxious, whereas girls can be found playing quietly and seem to be able to focus on an activity without making a disturbance. Boys also tend to love gross things like bugs, snakes, and anything that can be considered slimy, weird, and awful.

Now, this is a biggy for me, girls actually tend to like to shop especially if there is something in it for them like a new outfit or the like.  Boys, on the other hand, find this a total waste of time and avoid it at all costs.  

Girls seem to take to school a lot better than most boys.  I found my girls actually loved to on the other hand would not consider this a fun activity.   

Then there are the teenage years.  Gotta love this time period!!  Boys seem to get involved in sports, hunting, fishing, woodworking, whatever there is for boys to do.  Girls, on the other hand, seem to get interested in boys.  This turns girls into giggly, hard-to-focus, boy-crazy individuals.  When a boy is around you lose their attention and wonder where your girl is, not to mention where her brain has gone.

Boys tend to love and respect their moms, whereas girls always seem to take their father’s side in an argument.  My girls always said that if my husband and I separated they would go live with their dad.  (side note – I hope they like to do laundry, cooking, cleaning, and bill paying.  You get the picture).  

It seems when there are no boys in the family, girls tend to be able to take the place of both boys and girls, such as hunting and fishing for example.  While boys don’t readily like to do household chores.

Now, I realize this is a total observation on my part, and there are lots of generalizations, but these have been some of my findings.

I love all the boys and girls in my family.  They definitely make my life interesting.

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