My Favorite PJs (or Lack Thereof)

I was recently talking with friends at work. We were discussing buying Christmas gifts for their kiddos. They said the latest trend is to buy 4 gifts for each child: #1 something they need, #2 something they want, #3 something to read, and #4 something to wear.

This brought to mind my childhood Christmases. I think my mom used these rules because something I always needed was a new pair of flannel PJs. We kept our gifts under the tree for a few weeks and when we finally got the OK to take them to our rooms, I couldn’t wait to put on my new pajamas.

They were usually soft flannel since it was wintertime. I can remember the feeling of that new soft flannel against my tired body. It was heavenly. After many washings, from early spring and again in late fall, the PJs would get hard and uncomfortable. I always welcomed my new Christmas PJs and luxuriated in the feeling.

As I got older, I noticed that my parents did not wear PJs to bed. They slept in the buff. I asked my mom why and she said it was just more comfortable. I asked her if I could do this too, and she said when I was grown, I could make this choice.

When I first lived away from home, I slept in my underpants and a soft men’s T-shirt. This continued for many years. I didn’t like the feeling of sleeping in a nightshirt or nightgown. When I tried these choices, I spent half the night untwisting my sleepwear.

Finally, I decided to sleep naked. Why? There were several reasons. First of all, it was cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. I love the feeling of climbing in between cool sheets and snuggling with my husband. Fortunately, he shared my habit, so we both agreed on our sleeping attire.

This only becomes problematic when we go to the cottage or camping where we have other people around or when we need to stay in the hospital. I make sure that I have a basic nightgown for these occasions. I also keep a robe at the foot of my bed in case of emergencies.

Falling asleep is easier when I sleep naked. If I’m chilly, I share my husband’s body warmth and vice versa. The best part of sleeping naked is horrifying the kids that discover I’m not wearing pajamas. I try to keep this secret to myself but every once in a while, I get found out.

I’m finding that articles are being written about sleeping naked. Keeping cool helps reduce insomnia, helps reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels which can reduce high blood pressure, lessen weight gain and help with a compromised immune system.

These few reasons alone have me sold. It sounds like sleeping naked couldn’t hurt and it may help.  Then there’s the benefit of less laundry.

If you’ve never tried it, give it a try. It may help you with great sleep.

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