I Love My Stripper

When I was little a new pair of pajamas was a wonderful treat.  We usually got a pair for every Christmas and were always looked for in anticipation.  The ones I am referring to are the soft, cuddly, fresh PJs.  I never wanted to have them washed because then they would not be so soft and the cuddliness would go away.  So, trying to keep them out of the wash was the key.

Then in the summer months, I would wear a short soft silky nightgown.  

Today my favorite night apparel is a man’s type of nightshirt, collar, long sleeves and short.  I can’t stand to have long pants on in bed as I tend to be very warm.  It actually feels good to have my legs sticking out of the covers to feel the cool breeze.  So, no long pants, especially ones with a waistband are absolutely forbidden in my nighttime apparel.  

When I was very young we lived in an apartment with a family living downstairs from us.  The young man who lived downstairs injured his leg and had it in traction which was hanging from the ceiling.  Well, after going to see him I was told that a mouse ran up his leg and his mom killed the mouse with my little broom.  So, for many years after that, I could not sleep with anything sticking out from the covers for fear of mice running on my legs.  After this phobia ended, I became brave and now stick my whole leg out.  

I also can’t stand to wear socks to bed.  It actually gives me a claustrophobic feeling, making me feel extremely hot and uncomfortable.

Now some people sleep in the nude.  My parents did and it really grossed me out. In the middle of the night when I needed my mom, like when I was sick or something, she would come into my bedroom totally naked.  This is the grossest nighttime apparel that I can imagine.  

Today there are so many super soft, wonderful-feeling PJs that no one should have trouble finding a comfy nighttime attire.  Sometimes it seems really hard to find really cool men’s style nightshirts, so I actually have had to resort to extra large men’s t-shirts. 

One of my favorite nightshirts was sort of a gift from my husband.  He worked at a car dealership and found a nightshirt in a used car.  It is black in color and had the words, “I Love Strippers” printed boldly on the front.  Well, he carefully altered the painted letters to read, “I Love My Stripper”.  It is black, short-sleeved, and comes to my knees.  Super comfortable.  He did such a good job on the lettering that even after many, many washes it looks almost good as new.  For the record, yes, he did wash this nightshirt several times before painting the lettering and giving it to me.

It is also a favorite of one of my granddaughters.  Go figure???  I wonder if she realizes what it means.  In this day and age, I would certainly imagine so.

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