Don’t Scare the Kids

I can’t say that I have ever had a favorite pair of PJs.  Throughout the years, I’ve worn nightgowns, silk shirts/shorts, “nighties”, sweats, and gone naked.  Each one has been comfortable at the time that I wore (or didn’t wear) it.

As a little kid, I remember wearing either a nightgown or footed PJs.  I have an amazingly soft nightgown that I received for Christmas.  One time Grandma Doris came over to help mom with the laundry and my comfy flannel gown was never the same.  I think Grandma forgot the fabric softener and it came out as a staticy, balled-up piece of fabric.  That was the end of that nightgown.

When I got older, I remember wearing PJ sets (ie. matching shirts and shorts/pants).  None of them really stick out in my memory, so they must not have been too earth-shattering.

After getting married, I still had matching PJ sets, but now some of them were satin or silk.  They looked great, but I found that after a few times wearing them, most of the side seams of the pants/shorts would rip out.  Apparently, I must roll around a lot in my sleep and put undue stress on those seams.

Also during my married years, my most frequent PJs were a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  This was the time in my life when I was always freezing.  I had numerous pairs of leggings, sweats, or fleece pants that I would pair with any sweatshirt that was available, as long as it was warm. But no matter how cold I was, socks were NEVER part of my attire.  I can’t sleep with socks on!

Get rid of the mumus!

At this stage of my life, I have to admit I’ve tried sleeping naked and while I find it comfortable to do, my kids don’t appreciate it, so I’m resorted to wearing clothes again.  Where I was always freezing about 15 years ago, now I find that I’m always hot at night and so I tend to wear just a nightshirt to bed.  Some nights, this feels like too much, but I don’t want to traumatize the kids.  I still can’t wear socks to bed and find that I also can’t sleep unless I have at least 1 foot outside of the covers.

I love the idea of a cute pair of PJs, but my execution of this idea tends to fall a bit short.  I think it’s time to clean out my stash of PJs.  Time to ditch the mumus and old nightshirts and get something cute and comfortable.  Don’t worry kids – I’ll keep it all covered!

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