A Permanently Exhausted Pigeon

pigeonAt this point of my life, I don’t think I’m a night owl OR an early bird.  I know for sure that I’ve never been an early bird.  The idea of waking up early in the morning puts absolute dread in my heart.  

There are only 2 weeks of each year that I concede to being an early bird and that’s when we are on our 2-week family vacation and Lisa and I need to take the dogs on the 6-mile death march.  The entire walk takes us about 2 hours.  For the first few years that we did the walk, we didn’t start until around 9 am and by the time we got home 2 hours later, half of our day was gone.  Now, we try to go between 6 – 7 am so by the time we return, the rest of the family is finally waking up.

If I had to peg myself as one or the other, I’d be closer to a night owl.  I’ve been known to stay up all night reading a book, getting ready for Christmas, or sometimes working.  It doesn’t happen often, but if it needs to be done, I can do that much easier than getting up early.

It seems that there is more respect given to someone who is an early bird, especially in the work arena. The people that show up early to work seem to be looked at as harder workers when compared to someone that stays late.  Maybe this is just my perception.  I may never be the one to show up early to my desk, but I’m frequently the one that is working till all hours of the night to get the job done.  

According to Inc. Magazine, “Night owls tend to perform better on measures of memory, processing speed and cognitive ability, even when they have to perform those tasks in the morning. Night-time people are also more open to new experiences and seek them out more. They may be more creative (although not always). And contrary to the maxim (‘healthy, wealthy and wise’), one study showed that night owls are as healthy and wise as morning types – and a little bit wealthier.”  (Jan 2018)


Lately, I don’t find myself being an early bird or a night owl. I just don’t have any desire to get out of bed and the end of the night doesn’t come soon enough.  I think that if I had to make a classification for myself right now, I wouldn’t be either…  I’d be more of a permanently exhausted pigeon. Who is 'Chelle

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