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Chore list from age 5 – Notice no allowance listed!

As a child, I remember having some chores, but because I didn’t have to do my work alone, it never seemed to be a big ordeal.  Mom had taken the time to type a list for Lisa and me that we were expected to do in order to get a weekly allowance.  I don’t actually remember ever getting the allowance, even though there was a spot on the chore list to write down the amount owed.  

My initial jobs included making my bed, emptying garbage, and watering flowers.  Nothing too challenging!  I only remember having this specific chore list when we lived on Cherokee Rd.  Once we moved to North St, I think the expectations changed.  I don’t remember having a chore list written down, but every Saturday was cleaning day.  

Lisa and I were expected to dust, vacuum and scour bathrooms.  We did all of this while Mom was either working or grocery shopping.  My job was dusting, while Lisa took vacuuming.  I don’t remember who did the bathrooms, so I’m going to say it probably wasn’t me.  

I don’t remember having too many issues cleaning, but then again I’ve always said I have a swiss-cheese brain, and apparently, mom used to receive frequent Saturday morning calls from Lisa and me fighting about chores.  Sounds fun. 

We continued with this arrangement until Lisa went to college and then it all fell on my shoulders, but mom and I had a great arrangement.  While she was gone, I tried to get everything done to surprise her and in return, she would sing my praises to any and all that would listen to her.  

I always liked the idea of the Saturday cleaning ritual until I became a parent and tried to instill that cleaning process in my kids.  I was a dismal failure at getting them to clean every Saturday like I was expected to.  I tried everything from insisting, offering allowances, bribery, guilt, and consequences…  nothing seemed to work. 

Now – I still think that cleaning alone sucks, plus, there is still no allowance!!

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