Weird Habits

When thinking of habits, I know I have more, but these are the 3 that came to mind…

Procrastinating, Creasing and Chickees!


We just wrote about this last week, but it’s one habit that would be so beneficial to get rid of.  If I would do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, it would save me so much mentally and physically.  Just one example would be on the weekends.  Right now, after having a trying week at work, I’ll get up on a Saturday morning and turn on the tv.  The next thing I know, it’s the afternoon or evening and I’ve done absolutely nothing all day.  I had planned to catch up on some things for work, maybe do a little house cleaning, maybe make some meals for the next week, but instead, I’ve procrastinated my day away.  


This one is a rather odd one and I’ll have to explain it a bit. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to take the edge of a sheet or pillowcase and after folding it into a sharp point, stick it under my fingernails and push until it hurts just a bit.  I also love to take those same sharp edges and scratch my skin with it.  I’ve actually done this so hard and so long during car rides that I can feel my heartbeat in my fingertips and the next day, my fingertips are purplish and sore to touch.  

I’ve done this for so long, that I’ve actually caused the white part of my nails to be unnaturally long and the part where your nail is attached to your finger is very small.  I tease that if I don’t stop this habit, I’ll end up popping my fingernails completely off.  

chickee blanketChickees

This is another one that is hard to explain and I have no idea how it started, but as a child, I loved to pick fuzz off of a very special yellow/orange blanket, roll it into a little ball and eat it.  I would grind it between my teeth until it was a hard lump of fuzz.  One time, Lisa and her friend caught me doing this and asked me what I was doing.  I explained it to them and they asked if they could try it.  I happily obliged and picked the perfect chickee for them.  They chewed and ultimately were not impressed.  

I stopped this habit for a while when my family moved back to Beaver Dam, but that was only because Dad chose my best chickee blanket to clean the dryer vents.  He said he had to use that blanket because he was afraid my kids were going to be born with yellow/orange hair.

A few years later, I found the perfect replacement pink blanket and have once again resumed this habit.  Not as often as I used to, but I find I do it when I am nervous.  With both this habit and the creasing habit, I’ve actually resorted to taking my latest pink chickee blanket, cut it in half and stuffed it into 2 different pillowcases, one for home and one for the car.  Both the pillowcases are great for creasing and as an added bonus, give easy access to chickees.  

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