Wants Before Needs

procrastinationProcrastination could or should be my middle name. When I was young and my mom was at work, there were certain things that had to be done before she came home. I was home alone and my pastime of choice was watching old movies. The duties I had could wait, especially if there was a Cary Grant or Clark Gable or Robert Mitcham movie on TV. I loved sitting with my back against the ottoman watching old classic movies. I would watch the clock and time it out so I could run around like a crazy person and get my tasks done before mom came home.

Through the years, I have often chosen to put off what needed to be done in favor of what I wanted to do. I love to snuggle on the couch and watch old movies, old mystery dramas, and anything else that catches my fancy.

I will often find myself at midnight cleaning up the kitchen, folding laundry, and paying bills. These tasks could just as easily have been completed at 8:00 PM rather than midnight.

It is common for me to put my wants ahead of my needs when it comes to getting things done. To put it succinctly, I enjoy relaxing watching TV movies and dramas, and even dozing instead of getting my tasks completed. I can start looking at Facebook and find myself losing an hour or so before I know it.

This becomes a problem when the next day, I feel the frustration of not having completed what I promised myself I would, feeling tired from staying up too late and still needing to find time to get my tasks completed. I have actually been told by my family that I have no sense of urgency.

Brush the dog? It can wait. Finish cooking dinner? Right after this commercial. Getting the laundry started? Oh, it can wait for another day. I’ve still got enough clean underwear.

Wouldn’t I feel much better if I kept my promises to myself? Of course, I would, but nobody’s perfect.

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