Strolling Thru My 30s

Reflecting back, my thirties were very busy and challenging, but all in all, good years. There were a few bumps in the road, such as job changes, purchasing a different home, and a miscarriage.   My husband and I each had good jobs, we were both happy and healthy.  We were parents of two girls ages five and 10 who were also happy and healthy.

Our lives were very busy with work, school, and miscellaneous activities for the girls, and having a rather fun and busy social life.  We had purchased our home nine years prior to this and we were constantly decorating and making changes as money would provide.  

I remember feeling oftentimes harried and out of control because of our busy schedules. It seems that this hasn’t changed much.  I was and still am a procrastinator and was usually flying around by the seat of my pants trying to make whatever schedule was needed.  (Am I too old now to try to correct this?)

We actively went on camping trips which we loved doing as a family.  We actually made a long trip to Arkansas with friends camping all the way.  

We were active in the local Jaycee and Jaycette chapters.  My husband was (and still is) active in the local Masonic Lodge and we had a very full calendar.

I thought that life would probably always be like this but didn’t realize just how quickly time changes things.  During this time our girls grew up, went on to college, and got married.  

My life was very busy, oftentimes absolutely crazy, fulfilling, and wonderful by my standards.  It still is, but as usual, it changes constantly.  

I love my life with a few alterations!


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