A Turtle’s Timid Transformation

A Turtle's Timid TransformationI used http://www.spiritanimal.info to determine my spirit animal. The turtle was what I have been drawn to for years. I wear a bracelet every day with one on it. The turtle reminds me to take small, steady steps toward my goals.

But apparently, my spirit animal can change. Who knew?

I am currently living with the butterfly as my spirit animal. Surprisingly, this really resonates with me. There are four points that I can connect with:

Life Metamorphasis

The butterfly symbolizes powerful transformation. I am currently in a time of change. I have left teaching, moved through a time of family focus and re-education, and am moving into a new era.

This is a time of podcasting, interviews, and learning about website building, marketing, and book publishing. I have become a life coach and am beginning to help others work through transformation. These new pursuits don’t negate all the years I spent in education, as a teacher–they build and expand on the skills I acquired there.

Life Cycles

A Turtle's Timid Transformation

My daughter, Aubrey, painted this for me in honor of my new spirit animal discovery.

I can see my life in cycles. There is the growing up phase through age 18. lThen there is the college phase. The next chunk of time was when I was a teacher and married to Tom. More recently, I see the past 22 years as a time of family. Now I’m at the cusp of a new phase–no longer a First Grade teacher in a public school. Two of my three children flew the nest. Time to pursue what feels true to me.


The lightness of being and playfulness has been a constant throughout my life. I LOVE playing, whether as a teacher or at home. There is a quote that I posted outside my classroom door for many years.

“There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter and noise.”

–Brian Andreas (StoryPeople)

I like to experiment and try new things. My kids roll their eyes when I bring home another puzzle to try or a new family game. I love paints and beads, flea markets, and garage sales. Treasures and fun are all around–and I’m game.

Elevation from Earthly Matters

The butterfly symbolizes one who looks at the emotional and spiritual side of life. She is interested in engaging in the world of the soul. 

This has also been a constant for me throughout my life. I have always been tuned in, aware, and interested in the deeper meaning of life. The world of the soul is a place that I’ve always, well, often, been driven to connect with. Whether through meditation, prayer, yoga, or journaling, I pursue a connection with God and the universe.

From the time I was small and prayed a simple children’s prayer at bedtime each night, I have been aware that there are spiritual forces all around us. I regularly attended two churches in high school looking for enlightenment. In college, my family feared that I was involved in a cult…(obviously stories for another day).


The butterfly feels rather true. But it’s taking my mind a bit of work to wrap around this new image. Does this mean that I need to get a new bracelet? Or, as the image at the top of the page shows, can I meld creatures to create my own fantastical spirit beast?  Perhaps I will keep exploring the topic and find more characteristics to blend into this creation…


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