Vibrant ’til the End

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Vibrant 'til the EndLisa passed at the age of 100 leaving her husband of 65 years, Craig, three grown children, their spouses, and bucket loads of grand and great-grandchildren.Early in her life, she attended school in Beaver Dam where she graduated in 1983. She attended UW Eau Claire and graduated with an MS in Education in 1987. In 1995, she received her MA in Curriculum and Instruction from UW Madison.

Lisa taught elementary school for 30 years. She also enjoyed a brief stint as a sales associate/designer in the family furniture business. As the Covid pandemic hit the world in 2020, she transitioned into what she considered to be the most vibrant and exciting part of her life.

She was co-founder of Sidetracked Sisters/Sidetracked Legacies. This company was responsible for inspiring and helping tens of thousands of people remember and record their legacies in writing for future generations. The company, co-owned by her sister, mom, and aunt won numerous writing awards for inspiring others to write and participate in communities of other writers. Lisa was driven to share her thoughts and conversations with other Legacy leaders through the podcast Sidetracked Legacies. 

In addition, Lisa found great satisfaction and success in life coaching. She developed Lisa Hoffman Coaching into a worldwide phenomenon that encourages mid-life women to transform their lives into new careers, challenges, and relationships. Her inspirational coaching, teaching, and courses have helped others move with purpose into the life they’ve always dreamed of. Whether health, relationships, or wealth creation, Lisa has changed the way women view the second half of life.

Her hearty laugh and joyful spirit will be missed.

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