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organizedTrying to use 3 words to describe myself is no easy feat.  Do I want to use positive or negative words?  I’m currently working on my positive self-talk, so I think I need to focus on the kinder words.  I had to resort to asking the family for words that described me and here is what they came up with.


organizedThis one is a no-brainer.  I’m practically OCD when it comes to organizing things.  Recently, Lisa had me write a thank you letter to myself and the original one I wrote was a checklist with 5 items.  The intent was to hang this on my wall.  I LOVE rainbows and highlighted each point with a different rainbow color.  The problem was that the list only had 5 points.  There are 6 colors in the rainbow!! So – I had to come up with a 6th item to thank myself for so my rainbow list was complete!

Another example of my organization is that in my house, everything gets put into a box or bin.  My blankets, my pillows, my holiday decorations, everything!  And then – each box or bin is labeled to identify its contents.  Even my pictures are all sorted and organized by who is in the picture and they are all placed into their picture box in chronological order.


organizedI love to tease my kids and family.  I LOVE to hide behind the door when Bradley is coming upstairs and jump out to scare the daylights out of him.  In conversation, if someone says the word “rectum” – I can hardly hold back my laughter when I say “Rectum? Damn near killed him!”  Or when I loving slap Kadon on the back of his head when he least expects it and tell him “That’s for whatever you did wrong today!”


This word came from my niece Aubrey.  This has to do with the confidence I portray to others.  If I know how to do something, I’ll likely be the first one to give instructions.  If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll be the first one to look it up to find out more information.  I’m not someone that will sit idly by and wait for a man to help me out.  I always encourage the girls in my life to handle things themselves and figure it out.  One example was when I wanted a new stereo on my 1972 Datsun. I kept asking Dad for help putting it in but he was always too busy.  I finally gave up asking and took it upon myself.  When Dad came home from work, I had the middle console of my car over my head and out the door and I was hooking things up on my own.  Keep in mind – this was in the days before the Internet!  Using just the car manual, the stereo manual, and common sense, I was able to successfully play my cassette player and stereo.  Who needs a man?!

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