Losing Loved Ones

familyIn contemplating what my greatest fear is, I’d have to say it’s the fear of loss.  The idea of losing a member of my family is unbearable to me.  Whether it’s my sister, my mom or dad, my aunt, any of my kids, or any of my family, the thought brings me to tears. How would I be able to survive the loss of any of my family?  Each of them has been instrumental in helping me become the person I am today and they all carry such an important role in my life.

familyWithout Dad, I wouldn’t have my handyman, my role model for my kids, or the one I never want to disappoint.  When I need something fixed or built, I look to dad.  He’s the one that I go to when I have a question on how something works or when I have a flat tire.  He is my helper in every sense of the word.

familyWithout Mom, I wouldn’t have my gardener, my friend, or my decorator.  When I need help creating ANYTHING, it’s Mom that I look to for help.  She’s always there to lend a hand, no questions asked.  (Not many questions at least)


Without Lisa, I wouldn’t have my best friend, my cheerleader, or my confidant.  Lisa is the one I look to for advice and support.  When I need someone to cheer me on to climb up a volcano or I just need someone to listen to me complain, she’s always willing and able to be by my side.


Without Judy, I wouldn’t have my advisor or my supplemental mom.  Judy is the one I look to for advice when I don’t think Mom will understand.  She is the one I ask about business etiquette and who I turn to for help when dealing with challenges with my kids or people.


Without my kids, I wouldn’t have the greatest accomplishments in my life.  Bradley is my first baby.  The one I look to to challenge me and help me to see someone else’s point of view.  Nathan is my helper.  The one I can always count on to help me out.  Jessica is my mini-me.  The one I can talk to about almost anything.  

My entire family is what makes me me.  Their love and support sustain me throughout life’s challenges.  I count on each of them in so many ways that words simply cannot contain how important they all are.  Now it’s time to go wipe my tears and think of happier thoughts!

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