My Bucket List in Retrospect

bucketOne of the things to do today is to compose a bucket list. Perhaps I have a very simple mind or am very satisfied with my life but as I start this writing, I don’t have one. Perhaps, I could write down my list in retrospect. Maybe because I’m one of the older Sidetracked Sisters, I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my “Bucket List”. Let me give that a try:

  1.  See Europe  ✔
  2.  Visit New York City and the East Coast ✔
  3.   Live in California and enjoy all its benefits ✔
  4.  Return to Beaver Dam and be back with my family ✔
  5.  Spend time in Door County on Lake Michigan at my family’s cottage  ✔
  6.  Find my soulmate and know the feeling of wedding bliss  ✔
  7.  Have a family of my own  ✔                  
  8. Have a home in a great neighborhood that I can call my safe harbor and my happy place  ✔ 
  9. Participate in a Podcast and Blog that I can help to grow to success  ✔ 
  10. If I go back to work for practical reasons, find a job that I truly enjoy  ✔

Part of my issue with a bucket list is that I find it easy to say what I don’t want. What I do want is so much more difficult. 

bucket list

Is it possible that I’m living the dream for real and just don’t know it? I love my life. I love my family. I love where I live and if I had to kick the bucket (no pun intended) I could actually live with that.

Oops…. wait a minute. Now that I’ve primed the pump and started thinking a bit deeper, some new ideas are popping into my mind. Could it be that I really do have a few things I want to do? A second bucket list? Here it goes:

  • Take cooking lessons and learn to make some fun and tasty, ethnic dishes like Chinese  food; Mexican dishes; French pastries; the right way to prepare seafood like lobster, crab and scallops; and Italian cuisine.
  • Establish self-discipline
  • Meditate daily
  • Spend time daily being mindful
  • Take up simple Yoga and help my body move and stretch
  • Be part of a family compound in Door County on Lake Michigan

How about that?  Maybe I have a new bucket list starting after all!  Stay tuned!!!!!

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