My Sister – My Hero

heroMy sister was always my hero growing up.  This is not a new thing for me to reveal by any means.  She played the flute, so did I.  She was a cheerleader, so was I.  She went to UW Eau Claire, so did I.  There are many more examples, but you get the idea. I remember one time specifically when Lisa was teaching me how to do a handstand in the corner of her bedroom.  As she kicked her legs up, I noticed a shirt on the floor and was concerned that she might slip on it.  So I quickly went to retrieve the shirt and wouldn’t you know it, it was at that exact moment that she tried to kick up again and I got kicked right in the chin.  

I bit open both sides of my tongue and started to bleed.  I’m sure we both must’ve screamed because I remember dad coming up the stairs 3 at a time, wondering what in the hell had happened.

heroThere was a period of my life when I thought Lisa was a little crazy.  That was when I was in high school and she was in college.  She had come home from school and I found her burning all of our smut novels.  (Historical romances)  I LOVED those books and couldn’t believe what she was doing.  I think I ratted her out to mom or at the very least, I hid some of the books so she couldn’t get rid of them all.


Throughout my life, my go-to person is Lisa.  If she says I’m doing something ok, then I take that as gospel.  As long as Lisa approves, we are all good.  For example – one time Craig (BIL) and I were having a disagreement about how I handled a situation with my kids.  My only response was to ask Lisa her opinion.  She agreed with me and in my eyes, there was nothing further to debate.  Lisa agreed with me and therefore we were right.

heroThere are so many other random stories I want to share.  Like eating at dinner and dad telling Lisa to “Slow Down” and for me to “Hurry Up”.  Or the time I helped her practice for a biology presentation and I knew more about the nucleus than I ever wanted to know.  Or the time that she taught me about satanic backmasking in music and I used that information for a debate at school.  Or the time I went to visit her in Eau Claire and twisted my ankle.  Or the time she hosted my 7th birthday party and we played with silly string.  Or the time I plowed into Lisa on my bike and gashed my ankle.  And the list goes on…

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