The Birth of My Peanut

birthI remember the birth story of each of my kids very well.  Many people will tell you horror stories about childbirth, but I’m not one of those people.  I loved being pregnant and having my kids.  I never had a day of morning sickness and each of my labors was pretty easy (compared to some).  When I was pregnant with Bradley I had my first ultrasound at about 7 weeks and afterward, I went to see mom at the office and told her I was having a peanut.  After all – that’s about how big he was.  From that point on – he was nicknamed my “Peanut”.

Being pregnant with Peanut was so easy and uncomplicated.  No morning sickness.  No challenges.  I didn’t even begin to show I was pregnant until I was about 4 months along.  I remember at one appointment, I was told that a baby is considered full term at 37 weeks.  I think once I heard that, my body decided that 37 weeks was long enough as Bradley was born at 37 weeks and 1 day.

I had been at work and my girlfriends and I were going to get together after work to finish Bradley’s baby quilt before he arrived.  We got to Darcy’s house and I had to go to the bathroom – yet again.  I sat down and dribble, dribble, dribble.  I stood up and dribble, dribble, dribble.  Hmm – that’s odd I thought.  I went out of the bathroom and mentioned something to Darcy, who immediately called her mom who informed us that I was going to have my baby that night.  

Wow – I wasn’t expecting that.  So before going home, I called my husband at the apartment and left a voicemail that “It’s time”.  Darcy and Leslie drove me home and when we went into the apartment, I knew he hadn’t listened to the voicemail – because he was way too calm.  He just looked at me oddly and asked why I was already home.  I asked if he had listened to the voicemail and he said “Kinda”.  Well – I told him that my water broke and he freaked.  

I hadn’t yet packed my bag for the hospital even though I was only 3 weeks away from my due date.  I don’t believe in being too prepared!  We got to the hospital and into our room.  After a few hours of nothing too earth shattering in the way of contractions, they were able to give me an epidural.  At that time, I promptly went to sleep.  (For those that know me, this is not a big shock)

At about 4:30 am, I woke up and things were starting to happen.  I had slept thru my contractions and dilating and I was now ready to have Bradley.  My husband had called Lisa to let her know what was going on and around 5 am, the doctor hollered at him that he was needed and much to Lisa’s dismay – he hung up the phone! 

The nurses had placed a mirror at the foot of the bed, so every time I pushed I could see my little Peanut emerging, but at the end of the contraction, his head would retreat a little!  That was so frustrating to watch!

Bradley was born around 5:30 am and I only needed 1 stitch.  I could’ve killed my husband when he asked the doctor if he could put in an extra stitch.  

birthBy the time the doctor came back to see me at 8 am, I had showered, done my hair and make-up and was ready for the day.  The doctor told me “Michelle – you look too good.  No one is going to feel sorry for you looking like this”.  

The nurses told me – “We can take him to the nursery so you can get some sleep”.  They obviously didn’t know me well because if they did, they would know that I can sleep through anything!  


My Peanut

All in all – it was a very easy, uneventful experience, but then came Nathan…

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