Love Daisies But When’s the Flood?

Sometimes there are just certain items of clothing or certain pairs of shoes that just have a special meaning to them or bring back a particular memory.  I have a few things that do that for me.



Kindergarten/1st Grade


I loved my green daisy outfit.  It was kelly green with white daisies on it.  I not only had a jacket with that pattern but a matching pair of pants, a matching pair of shorts, AND a matching skirt.  Needless to say – I could mix and match that outfit all week long!  I wore it for my kindergarten class picture along with my matching kelly green hair ribbons.  The outfit lasted me through kindergarten and into first grade.  Somewhere along the line though, I began to outgrow it.  Mom was not one to let good clothes go to waste, so instead of giving the outfit to charity, it was decided that I should wear it for play clothes.  I didn’t mind this.  I thought – then I can get dirty without wrecking any of my good clothes.  

Unfortunately – the neighborhood kids were not so kind.  One girl in particular would mock me repeatedly – yelling “Hey Michelle!  When’s the flood?”  It got so bad that I finally refused to wear that outfit.



SAS shoes

Fast forward to high school and I’m working at Larson’s restaurant during the day and Country Kitchen for the graveyard shift.  I needed something to wear on my feet that would try to help them not hurt so bad after a double-shift.  I decided to buy a pair of white SAS shoes.  I had to laugh when I found out that my grandma wore the exact same shoes as I was wearing to work!  

What made things even funnier is that Marion Larson (the owner of Larson’s Restaurant) would point out my footwear to the other girls and say “See girls…  that’s the kind of shoes you should all be wearing!”  LOL – yep – me and my grandma footwear.

High School

Lastly – I had an amazing outfit that I just LOVED.  It was a “Multiples” outfit.  Multiples was a brand in the 80’s which boasted of modular clothing.  Clothing that gave you the ability to mix and match to your heart’s content.  Well – this outfit consisted of hot pink and kelly green striped leggings, paired with a striped top in hot pink, red, yellow and kelly green.  The stripes on the top were of varying sizes but it coordinated with the leggings.  There was also a matching hot pink stretchy belt.  

This outfit was sooooo comfy and the very best part of it was the fact that my significant other HATED that outfit. There are some people that will dress to please their partner.  I’m not one of those people.  I would purposely wear that outfit when I wanted to irritate him.  I’m such a nice person – aren’t I?

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