Yes! A Roomba CAN Vacuum Up Poop!

poopWhen initially thinking about getting an automatic vacuum (iRobot, Roomba or whatever you want to call it), I read the horror stories of vacuuming up shit.  In my head, I thought, “Oh – that won’t be an issue.”  Boy – was I wrong!  Unfortunately, my 5-year-old labradoodle doesn’t always tell me when she needs to go out and poop…  Well, guess what?  You guessed correctly – Yes – a Roomba CAN vacuum up poop!  I’d love to tell you that this has only happened on one occasion, but much to my dismay, that’s not true. 

For those that will tell me to let my dogs out more frequently, I’ll tell you this.  I HAD let the dogs out at 9 am for 10 minutes, then brought them inside to eat and finally let them back outside for 15 minutes again.  I would think that in the 25 minutes they were outside, they would’ve taken care of business.  I was wrong!

Alice (my Roomba which is named after the maid in the Brady Bunch) starts every day at 9:30 am.  At 10 am, I received a notification that her dustbin was full.  I didn’t think much of it, because I didn’t remember emptying the dustbin the night before.  I ignored the message and continued working, thinking I would empty it later and start Alice up again.  Then – I left the house from 11 – 12 pm.  When I came into the house, I looked over at Alice and thought in my head “What is that brown lump on the floor next to her?”  Realization began to set in and I knew exactly what it was.  

I was horrified when I went over to Alice to inspect the “damage”.  There was poop smeared throughout the dining room (thank god for hardwood floors).  There were larger pieces that she had simply pushed around the dining room.  She had shit in the grooves of her wheels, in the sensors, in the rollers, the rotating brush was caked with it and even the charging base was smeared with shit!

This was the most that I’d ever had to clean up after Alice.  Previous times I had caught it early enough, but this time – the poop had the chance to sit out and harden on the floor!  Eeeewwww!!

Needless to say – Alice got a complete clean job, with new rollers, brushes, the works and in the future – maybe the dogs need to go outside for 20 minutes after eating!!

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