How to Deal with Impatience and Not Go Crazy

impatienceLately, I find that I have absolutely no patience with the people and things around me.  I’m sure my family will say that I’m always like that, but I think it’s been getting worse.  Yesterday, I found myself slamming my phone down on my desk simply because the screen would go into sleep mode too soon.  Today, I feel like I’m just trying to pick a fight with anyone that crosses my path.  Even as I sit here writing this, I can hear the person across the table from me crunching on food and it’s making me feel crazy.  

Why am I feeling so sensitive and impatient?  What has caused this?  Why am I like this?  Do other people feel like this?  How can I relieve these feelings and move past this?

I have to take a step back and come up with some ways to handle my impatience or I will end up driving away everyone, including my family!  Plus, when you exhibit patience, it makes you appear more relaxed and friendly.  Here are some of the techniques I’m hoping will help.

Think about why you are impatient

Can you identify why certain things are making you impatient?  Are there certain triggers?  Analyze what might be causing the impatience so you can try to avoid those issues in the future.

Think about something else

When you feel yourself becoming impatient, try to change your focus.  Think of other, more pleasant things to keep your mind in a good place.

Give yourself a time-out

Remove yourself from the situation if it’s possible.  Can you get away from your source of impatience, at least for a little while?  If so – do so.  

Accept things you can’t change

There will be things in life that may always be a source of impatience for you.  Some things you will just need to learn to accept.  Pick your battles.

Allow yourself to be impatient – once in awhile

As there will be things that will cause you to be impatient, sometimes you will just need to accept that it’s ok to be impatient.  Just remember that doesn’t give you the right to take your impatience out on others.

Ask others to help you

If this is a method that will help you, ask others to help you.  For me – this would simply irritate me further, but to each his own.

Reduce other stressors

I find my level of impatience increases dramatically when my levels of stress increase.  The more that is happening and the more stressed I feel, the less patience I have with anyone and anything.

I’m going to have to pull out all the stops to get over my impatience right now.  No time like the present!!  Here we go!

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