Shopping for Intimates (namely Bras) with my Sister?!?

braBra shopping is an event that comes along very rarely in my life.  Several years ago, I found a bra that fit well and I keep buying the same make and model over and over in different colors but mostly flesh color. I know, boring.Frankly, my first choice, when I’m not out in public, is to go without. I find it much more comfortable.  I was delighted when I recently read a report that said going without was better because it built up your chest muscles.  All right! I’m happy to comply and all in.

One day, several years ago, my sister and I decided to go bra shopping for her. She never could find a bra that she liked. We spent three+ hours in the “intimates” department picking out pretty bras, utilitarian bras, lacy bras, and plain bras.  She would hang out in the fitting room and I would bring in different sizes, colors, and styles. She would try them on and we would both laugh hysterically. Very quickly the fitting room was filled with rejects. 

After many false starts, we settled on 3 bras that she felt were just right. The final picks were not too big, not too small, but just right. It was a bit of a goldilocks moment. We selected a few pairs of underwear to match and called it good. I was exhausted and she was quiet. 

About a week later, I asked Sandy how the new bras were working out. She got quiet again and wouldn’t make eye contact. She finally confessed.  The Monday after our intense shopping excursion, she had returned all the purchases we had made and continued to wear her old, worn-out bra.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  

I have always wanted to have a professional bra fitting, however, after my escapade with Sandy, I think it can wait. 

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1 thought on “Shopping for Intimates (namely Bras) with my Sister?!?

  1. Hi, Judy, Sandy, Lisa & ‘Chelle

    I love the family vibe of Sidetracked Sisters. Although I don’t need advise on buying a bra, I continue to benefit from some advice Judy gave me (embarrassingly: if someone you are working directly with offers you a piece of gum, accept it! Especially on the second offer).

    At your convenience, I’d like to play a few games with you over the internet + zoom. They are games that foster creativity, that multiple generations can play together, that use cell phones to help us learn about each other. They don’t require trivia, great memories, or twitchy fingers. They are especially needed in this time of isolation.

    If you enjoy them, and try them with your family and friends, maybe we can come up with a way for you to make some money for promoting or advising. I don’t know what I’m doing business-wise, but I am sure about these games bringing fun to people in some configuration or another.

    Thanks either way,
    Jim Mack Jr

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