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Be unpluggedI have a love/hate relationship with technology…specifically with cell phones and how people use them. It’s time for us all to sit back and see how our gadgets are also complicating our lives and putting up barriers between us and the people we love.

Pet peeve #1– When I am in a car with you, I want to talk with you. I don’t want to listen to one side of a conversation that you’re having with someone else. If you can’t get out of the conversation, perhaps you could at least put your phone on speaker, so I can participate and the other person knows that this really isn’t a private conversation.

Pet peeve #2– Please assume positive intentions or at least benign incompetence when I don’t quickly respond to texts or messages. Life is often so busy that I even forget the existence of my phone until I pick it up after several hours only to realize that people–my children mostly– are ready to call the police to find me.       

Pet peeve #2.5– Forgive me when I don’t realize that you’ve been trying to call. all. day. long. You can’t reach me, I don’t see your message, nor can I call you back because my phone has died AGAIN. Yes, I know, it does help to charge my phone daily, or nightly. But sometimes I mistakenly use the plug-in by the nightstand and then turn off the light by the switch, instead of the lamp, which makes the power plug dead. Arggggh. sorry.

Pet peeve #3– Since I’m a teacher, I have recess duty. This is a time when adults supervise students playing on the playground. The operative word is “supervise”. I watch, interact, and problem-solve with kids. This in contrast to what I see so many people/parents do with their own children at the park or playground. While I’m responding to the tenth request to “WATCH ME! MOM, WATCH THIS!” other adults are neglectfully “watching” their children with eyes locked on the cell phone in hand. I’ve actually witnessed a father reprimanding this daughter for interrupting his texting.

We live in a world of computers and phones.  I love being able to see where my kids are, have a multi-person, digital grocery list, use a music playlist for my yoga class, and listen to podcasts during my daily commute.  We use tech for so many GREAT reasons!

But maybe these pet peeves only make you think of other people…not YOU?!?…ummm…

… sorry! I’d hate to come between you and your phone. I’ll let you two alone. Let me know when you’re ready for actual human interaction.


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