A Leap of Faith

leaving-homeI remember the feeling like it was yesterday. It was spring break 2006. Our home in Wisconsin had finally sold and our son and I had driven back from Colorado to take the final treasures out of the house. We had lived there for 15 years. My Mom had passed away in that house. So many wonderful family memories had been made there.

We had loaded a U-Haul and attached it to our SUV. I was taking the first shift to drive. We drove past the local convenience store that had been our source of milk and bananas for many years.

I found myself saying silently “What am I doing?” I love my hometown, my family, our home, and yet a part of me knew it was time for a new adventure. I was leaving a job I loved to go into the unknown.  I was reminded of the “Leap of Faith” in the Indiana Jones movie and wondered if what was to come, would fill the necessary place for our family. I was terrified we would never return.

I knew that I had to make this a good decision. We had spent blessed time with Mom and my “boys” had been wonderful to her.

So, I pushed down the accelerator and moved ahead. The drive was long and the 8.5 years in Colorado had amazing highs and some serious lows.

When the time was right, I always knew I would return to my true home, Wisconsin. We returned in 2014. The lessons we learned when we were away were valuable, and the feeling of coming home again was amazing!

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