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This is a topic that absolutely foreign subject for me. Perhaps I do some form of mediation, but I highly doubt it. The time that I could see doing this is during the day. This, surprisingly, is my awake time. That means I have to move around, and find, unless I am involved in a really fabulous book, I need to accomplish something, even if it is walking, bike riding, whatever.


One time my sister took me to a meditation seminar on a beautiful Saturday in the middle of winter. It had snowed, the sun was shining, and it was a wonderful winter day. Well, we were in a church, and we needed to sit and meditate for, it felt like, a whole day. About half way through I told her we needed to go for a walk or I would surely have a nervous breakdown.

I found myself thinking of everything than nothing. How in the world do you empty your mind and relax your brain? Isn’t this what meditation is? I try to meditate when I try to go to sleep at night. Unless I read or watch TV, it seems I can’t stop my little brain of thinking of everything. You wouldn’t believe all the problems I try to solve during these, supposed to be meditation times. I absolutely get the twitches when I try to just sit still.

I am a paralegal and sit most of the day. There are most times when I just have to do something else, but meditating would only have me thinking of what is on my desk to do.

My form of feeling free and good is accomplishing something. I am a project person and if I would meditate before accomplishing a goal, whatever it may be, would make me anxious and upset. While trying to meditate, I would be thinking of what I should be doing, or what color should by shutters be?????

I think a good class on meditation, would be… oh forget it, I really don’t want to sit and do nothing!!

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