Are New Yoga Mats Motivating?

Exercise- MinionI just paid a gob of money to learn exercises to strengthen my broken wrist, to increase strength and mobility and to rid myself of pain in my knees and hips.  This was an investment in ME… Great, right??  Wrong.  Once my OT and PT were done, have I continued to exercise?  No, not at all.  Why?  I just don’t feel like it.  There is never a right time and I have other “things” that take priority.

With that said, I must admit that I feel like a slug.  My husband has been wonderful and supportive.  I bought new yoga mats last Christmas.  I have all the right equipment so what’s the problem?  Just one… ME!

Years back I bought a rowing machine.  It collected dust in the closet.  Later I bought a lateral thigh trainer.  I used it twice.  I have an elliptical machine that I’ve moved across the country.  I decorated a bedroom in my home just for exercise.  Does it help?  No, not at all.

As I hear these words come from my brain, I must admit I feel shame.  How many people conquer huge obstacles to work out and make themselves healthier?  How would I benefit by turning this failure around???  Possible weight loss, lower blood pressure, strength improvement, lack of pain, increased mobility, agility, and on and on.  What benefit does my current behavior bring me?  Wait for it…  Wait for it…  Wait for it…

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