Dancing is Exercise


I feel the need to exercise.  I feel so good when I do this, and yet, it is something that
always goes to the bottom of my to-do list. I used to go to Jazzercise.  This fit well, as I Iove dancing, moving to music and being motivated by other participants.

When that possibility stopped I decided that I could do it without the effort of going someplace to do this.  Guess what?  This is something that just doesn’t happen.  I know that I need it for keeping limber, in shape and in a good mental health place, but why is it so hard to do when there are so many other fun things to do?

I love to bike ride, but guess what?  My bike has not been taken off the ceiling in the garage for over a year.

I wonder if I didn’t work, would I still find every excuse in the book not to do this?  I certainly hope not, but know that I always find an excuse.  I used to walk first thing in the morning with my sister for one year.  This was great, but after a couple of injuries, this went to the wayside.  I need motivation, but don’t know what that is.  If I think I am going to walk, I say, it is either too cold, too dark, or too hard, so I end up doing nothing.

I think my best time would be in the morning, but guess what, working gets in the way. Then if I am at home, a tv show, or cleaning gets in the way.  Then there are the home remedies; the Gazelle and the Tiger roll.  Both are pieces of equipment that are supposed to help with getting in shape and I just HAD to have.  Well… they are sitting there getting dusty.  Big shock!!

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