What Downshifting Means For Me


Beaver Dam has become a member of something called “Blue Zones”. I am a beginner in what that means exactly- but with time I’m sure I’ll be on board. One of the elements that resonates with me in the “Blue Zones” information is something called “downshifting”.

What does that mean exactly? To me, it means letting go of all the crazy things that make me grumpy, psycho and just plain bitchy.

My first thought is a nice cold adult beverage. The only problem is I’m a lightweight and downshifting in this way quickly turns into “sleeping soundly”.

My preference is to take about 30 minutes a day when I put on my grubbies, water the flowers, do a quick email check and rub my new puppy’s tummy. I can feel the tensions ease and my viewpoints soften.

Then, best of all, I notice the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen as my husband puts together a delicious dinner. Am I spoiled? You bet I am. Being spoiled helps me to downshift better than any other activity I can think of. By the way, he also offers a nightly foot massage. Ahhhh… I wonder if that is included in the “Blue Zones” training?

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