Wonderful Grandma Memories

I have some wonderful memories of my Grandmas…  They were two very different, yet very special ladies. My mom’s mom is the one I spent the most time with.  Grandma Is.  As a kid – I’d go over to her house every day – either before or after school (depending on my age).  She was my afterschool care.  I loved going to her house.  She’d always have a snack for me and we’d play card games or board games.  Whatever I wanted.  She taught me how to sew, how to wrap presents and how to make Christmas cookies (but that’s a whole other topic).  Then, when summer came, it was her house that I went to every day after waking up.  All summer long – I practically lived at Grandma Is’s house.

Grandma Doris was my dad’s mom.  She was a tougher lady, but still just as loving.  She was the one who’d say “Boy ‘Chelle – you are built like a brick shit house!”  and I’d reply “Well Grandma – that’s ok cause you are built like a pear!!”  She’d laugh and give me a hug.  Grandma Doris was the one who’d drop everything to come over and mop mom’s floor just to spend time with us.

Both ladies were so amazing and even though they were very different – they were also good friends.  It was always fun to spend time with both of them.  I’m still amazed at all the stuff they put up with – like camping with us at age 85 (we got Grandma Doris a power scooter)!

I miss them both so much.  There is nothing quite like a grandma to make you feel special and mine always did that so well.

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