The Birth of My Princess

princessI had always said that I wanted 4 kids.  My hubby said, “No – 2 is fine”.  I offered a compromise and said “How about 3?” He again was adamant that 2 was fine.  But for some reason, my family didn’t feel complete. Continue reading

My Birth of My Pumpkin

pumpkinI was pregnant again and my doctor had told me that my due date was December 13th, but that this was going to be a big baby.  I remember during one appointment, my doctor did an ultrasound and said, “You’re going to have a boy and he is NOT shy!”  Our little boy was in my belly, arms and legs somewhat outstretched and his privates were very obvious!   Continue reading

The Birth of My Peanut

birthI remember the birth story of each of my kids very well.  Many people will tell you horror stories about childbirth, but I’m not one of those people.  I loved being pregnant and having my kids.  I never had a day of morning sickness and each of my labors was pretty easy (compared to some).   Continue reading