Makeup is Optional


‘Chelle in 9th grade

I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in 9th grade.  I never went out to buy my own, but simply acquired it from either Lisa or Mom.  I only wore concealer, mascara, a little blush, and eyeliner.  At one point, I tried wearing white concealer as an eye shadow, but I quickly stopped that practice because we were at a high school football game and Lisa screeched above the din of the crowd “Why do you have white creases on your eyelids? What did you do?”  I was horrified. Continue reading

A Put Together Woman


I have come to the conclusion that makeup is entirely overrated.  Just think about the money and time we spend on this really unnecessary act of thinking we look better being made up.  I remember when I was dating my husband years ago he said to me that he liked it when I didn’t have so much makeup on.  Well, I was never one to wake up with that glamorous glow that the movie stars mostly have.  Even when they are coming out of a coma, notice how they still have lipstick on.  I can’t even keep mine on for more than five minutes before it is licked or chewed off.   Continue reading

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I remember my first foray into the land of makeup…

Everyday Me

Julie and I walked downtown. It was late summer and a new school year was approaching–7th grade. We went to Langmack’s Drug Store (think Ace Hardware, not Sephora) and stood before a wall of pastel powders, concealing pastes, and sparkling creams. Julie chose a pinkish shade of a liquid Covergirl blush. I chose the same brand that was more peachy. Covergirl. The name seemed appropriate for girls shopping for our first cosmetics.

comfortable in your own skin

Wednesday, September 25, 2022, 4:24 pm

This wasn’t grandma’s lipstick abruptly rubbed on my cheeks to “give me a little color”. 

This initial memory is just the beginning of my addiction (a little too strong of a word perhaps) to make-up. You see, I’m one of those who feel almost naked without something on my face. Even during the Covid lockdown, I continued my full-face routine. Every. Day.

I have occasionally tried to go without but always come back. Continue reading