A Toddler With a Knife

It doesn’t matter if I want to do the thing or not…I still procrastinate. Procrastination often occurs when I’m tired and the activity takes some mental energy.

For example, I’m supposed to edit a post about..procrastination…for our Sidetracked Sisters blog…

I love taking pictures, looking at old photos, creating images using software, and posting on social media. But I still procrastinate! 

AND my procrastination strategies are SOOOOO sneaky! Continue reading

Laminated To-Do Lists

to-do listsI am the queen of procrastination.  No matter how hard I try or plan to be efficient and punctual, I always seem to fall short.  Whether it’s cleaning my house, working in the yard, or some other task I’m not fond of doing, I always seem to find better things to do with my time. Continue reading