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birthLooking back at some real changes in my life would certainly include the birth of my two daughters.  I am going to focus on the birth of my second child, who I teasingly call my #1 #2. (Get it – she’s my favorite 2nd child)  See I try to make everything even outlining the importance of their being.

As stated in/a previous post the birth of my first child, Lisa, was chaotic and wonderful all at the same time.  Well, five years later the birth of my second child, Michelle, was equally as chaotic, wonderful, and scary all at once.  After experiencing two miscarriages between the two live births I was more than anxious and ready to add to our family.

Michelle was born one week late. As stated before, my first child was born one month early.  Did I say that I never seem to do things in proper order or on any kind of schedule?  Well, I woke up on a Saturday morning and discovered that I was hemorrhaging.  I had been to my family doctor and when I told him of some weird symptoms such as cramping, I was experiencing he said, “Oh that is just signs of pre-labor”. Well, being ignorant I accepted this answer and went on with my life.  Then as stated prior I awoke to a life-threatening situation.  (I knew what was happening as I had discussed this situation with a friend who recently had this happen to her).  After stuffing multiple towels to contain the bleeding, and calling the doctor, we flew to the hospital.  While there we were told that I was having placenta previa and would have to have a c-section immediately.  (Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta lies very low in the uterus and covers all or part of the opening to the cervical opening that sits at the top of the vagina. Placenta previa happens in about 1 in 200 pregnancies.) The doctor also told my husband in private that he hoped to save me also.  Art thought “What the hell?  She is just having a baby.”  So, what felt like one of those medical shows on TV I went flying on a gurney through the halls, in the elevator, to the delivery room.  I was prepped for a vaginal birth just in case, but after rubbing alcohol on that area for what seemed forever, it was decided that I would need a c-section.  It is interesting to listen to the doctor’s conversations while you are laying there just waiting for this whole thing to be over.  My doctors were talking about kids wanting a horse, and what the ramifications of that were.  A real important topic while I was laying there in distress!! The anesthesiologist asked me if he could call me by my name.  At that time I didn’t care a “flying f—” what he called me.  I just wanted to get this over with. Since this was a long time ago you were put out when you had a c-section, not like today when you are awake for this procedure.

Thank God it all worked out.  I woke up to find I had a wonderful 8 lb, 12 oz baby girl, with a full head of black hair.  We were thrilled that everything went o.k. and felt truly blessed.  Two of my friends also had this same experience at the same time that I did and actually lost their babies.  Wow, what a heartbreak.

Well, a funny story. I went to the nursery where two men were discussing the new births.  They were commenting on the big, bald-headed baby.  They then asked me which baby was mine.  I responded, “The big bald-headed one.”  Their expressions were priceless.  (Note: for some reason, my sweet baby lost her head of hair overnight).

We consider ourselves truly blessed to have our #1 #2.

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