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My parents, especially my mom was a very special person in my life.  She took care of my kids when I went to work after giving birth to my firstborn and also when number 2 came along.  This was at a time when she was also caring for my oldest sister who was suffering with MS.  she became a widow at the young age of 55. By that time my sister had passed.  She made it possible for me to work enabling my family to acquire and achieve our dreams which would not have been possible without her help.

She was a very giving person and was always willing to do just about anything for her family.  One special memory I have of her when I was young is that she would always get up early to get breakfast ready for all of us before we would go to work or school.  One thing that I remember her doing was cutting up our grapefruit, which entailed not only slicing it open, but she had a special fork she used to separate the sections, which I criticized her for if this wasn’t done.  (yes I was a brat, I know it.)  She always went the extra nine yards for her family.  

She was always up for anything her family wanted of her.  She actually went with me at some ridiculous time of the night, like 1:00 am, to collect some special kind of plant that I needed for a project under a highway vi doc.  She also was part of my crew for decorating everything from dorm rooms, apartments (which were many), and anything I asked of her such as painting rooms, and kitchen cupboards to name a few.  

When I was pregnant she literally made ALL of my maternity clothes which included everything a pregnant person would need for work, play and dress.

She was definitely my hero and was always there for me and my family.  This also included my sister and her family as she took on the roles needed by them when she went to live with them in her later years.

She, in my eyes, was a very special person and a wonderful and very special mom.

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