Family Commune

When asked what my dream house would be, there is 1 thing that comes to mind…  It would be to have a family commune.  I envision it similar to how we used to go camping.  Each family unit has their own private area, but there is also a common area where we would gather for meals and general activity.

Picture something like a spider.  The main body of the house (or spider) would be the common area with a large kitchen and seating space for everyone.  There would be a great room with comfy seating areas where we could watch movies together or play games.  

Off of the main area would be hallways (legs of the spider) leading to the various family wings of the house.  Each wing would contain the necessary amount of bedrooms, a smaller kitchen for intimate meals, and whatever else the specific family needs in their home.

Another part of my dream home is that my wing needs to have amazing closets.  Every time I have gone to a parade of homes, especially the newly built homes, you could be guaranteed that I would be found scoping out what the closets look like.

The hardest part of planning out the commune would be the actual layout…  If we were on the lake, chances are that 2 houses would be closer to the lake than the other 2 and there would be a battle about who gets the lake houses.  If we built them in a line, then 2 houses would be farther away from the common area…  So – I haven’t come up with the ideal floorplan yet, but I haven’t given up the dream.

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