Christmas Adulting

One big drawback of being an adult is that I am the one responsible for the setup and clean-up of celebrations and events.

Christmas Adulting

I think this is Luka’s decorated gingerbread house.

As a child, I looked forward to Christmas–the music, the sugar cookies, Santa, family gatherings, and presents. But now…I’m the one who makes the cookies, invites the guests, buys the gifts, decorates…

Oh yes, the decorations.

When I was little, I loved having a Christmas tree. I loved the smell of the real thing. Our tree had all sorts of decorations and big colorful lights. Mom would put up the tree about a week before Christmas and then keep it up forever. (We have more recently witnessed the tree make it past “3 Kings Day” to see St. Patrick’s Day!)

Christmas AdultingNow a tradition I started with my family is quite sane. The whole family piles into the car–including the dog(s), we drive to a tree farm where we choose a couple of potentials. Then Aubrey (I don’t know how she got chosen) gets to make the final decision.

Craig cuts down the tree with a hand saw (NOT the chainsaw that’s in the back of his truck).

We immediately put it up in the tree stand when we get home.

Kadon is a self-appointed holiday decorator. He puts the lights on the tree and does the “squint test” to make sure that they are evenly spaced. My son wraps the garland and thoughtfully places each and every ornament in place. 

He uses every decoration I have ever bought or received to make every flat surface on the main floor of our home festive. (It’s a great excuse not to dust on Saturdays during the month of December).

We usually stop watering the tree by the middle of December. But that’s ok, we always take it down and return the decorations to the boxes by the weekend after New Year’s Day.

Christmas AdultingThis year, we have a full house, Craig and I, Kadon, Aubrey, Luka, Rosa, and little Junior.  No one loves to decorate as Kadon does. He put blue lights on the piano with snowmen and purple lights on the buffet in the family room with a collection of Santas. He draped a silk poinsettia on top of the grandfather, at least 4 wreaths, Santas, snowmen, angels, and handmade decorations from past years.

If I’m lucky, Kadon will continue to “adult” by taking down the tree and putting everything away!

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