Miracle on 34th Street

miracleChristmas is a time for wishes and dreams, fantasy and reality. Miracle on 34th Street brings to life the world of Doris who works for Macy’s and her young daughter who has been taught that reality is black and white and the only experience that holds the truth. That means no Santa Claus, no hopes and wishes, and no room for embracing possibilities.

As a single mom, Doris has raised her daughter to be loving and caring and not to base her life on hopes and dreams that will never happen.

I first watched this movie when I was eight or nine years old. I was fascinated by the lack of fantasy that was experienced by Doris’ daughter. In a way, I envied her ability to be so sure about what was “real”.

miracleGo forward to 2004 at Christmastime.  I saw an invitation in the local newspaper to try out for a part in our city’s annual radio play. My mother had passed away in September and I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Mom and I had always enjoyed Christmas as a time to create and enjoy our holiday spirit.

I told my husband that I was going to read for a part in the play. When I arrived at the theater, I learned that the play we were performing was “Miracle on 34th Street”. I enjoyed the process of reading shortcuts from the script and imagining the scenes from the movie.

The next day, the director called and asked if I would play the part of Doris. I silently went over the script in my head and it came to me that the part of Doris was the main character. Was she asking me to play a lead role?

I couldn’t believe my ears and asked the director if she was sure she meant me. She confirmed the decision and my Christmas miracle was taking shape. I loved the rehearsals and the other parts. When we performed our play for the local radio station, we were on stage, in period dress, before a live audience.

miracleWe didn’t act out our parts but read them as the story unfolded. I think my heart grew several sizes that day. I’m sure that mom was watching down on us as we performed this story of faith and hope. I had a wonderful Christmas in 2004 and everyone since then. I never miss a chance to watch the original movie and I give thanks for the opportunity to renew my Christmas spirit. I do believe that miracles happen.

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