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halloweenHalloween is fast approaching and a surplus of Halloween candy is appearing in all the stores.  How to make a decision about what to purchase for those hungry goblins, ghosts, and scary witches is always a challenge.  Well, as most of us over the years have come to realize, we all have our favorites.  I happen to love candy corn.  I see it on the store shelf and my mouth drools.  Unfortunately, after I give in and purchase said candy corn I usually overindulge and manage to get an upset stomach.  This, of course, takes the joy out of this selection of candy.

Now, I am not a lover of chocolate.  This is not realized by many.  Chocolate seems to be a way of life for most people.  Unfortunately, whenever a treat is served at a party or candy at trick or treat night chocolate is given out in anticipation of a great choice.  I must confess, on occasion, I do like a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds.  It has to have almonds or some kind of nuts in it.  This craving only happens when I happen to see it at the checkout at a store, focus on it, and buy it.  Only one takes care of any thought for chocolate for a long long time. I must say chocolate turtles have been known to disappear at my house also by no one but me. 

halloweenSo, over the years I have found that I often pick out the candy called “smarties”.  This is in a clear package with about ten little pieces of candies of all different colors.  I like to eat these by the hundreds, especially the softer ones.  I have unfortunately made my stomach rebel by eating too many of these also, but I continue to overindulge.

One time when my girls were in their teen years, and everyone was complaining about perhaps gaining weight I thought it would be a good idea to buy sugar-free candy.  This proved to be a very unpopular choice as I guess it causes gas and thereby results in some embarrassing situations.

Another possible favorite would be Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  These have peanut butter inside them and one or two will be sufficient to satisfy me.    

There are so many choices and to find what the goblins are into is indeed a challenge.  It seems candy changes quite frequently so it is hard to keep up with the trend if you don’t have kids in the house to educate you on what is most popular.  There are Skittles, all kinds of candy bars, Smarties, you name it.  I find the best way to solve this problem is to grab a bag with just about everything imaginable in it and let the kids just grab.  Problem solved, just so they don’t eat all the Smarties.  

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