Lazy Summer Days

adulthoodI enjoyed being a kid.  I was adventurous and loved to explore new things.  One of my favorite things I remember as a kid was the lazy summer days.  In my day we didn’t have all the activities that kids today seem to be involved in.  My summers were my favorite time of the year.  It meant jumping out of bed, pulling on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, grabbing a bowl of fresh raspberries from the garden, and on to my friend’s house.

I lived in a wonderful neighborhood where all the moms were second moms to all of us kids.  I had many kids around my same age that lived near me and we played outside until the street lights came on. There were no fences around the yards preventing us kids from exploring the neighborhood yards.  I loved to catch butterflies for a collection that I had and there was one neighbor that had a fabulous garden full of butterflies.  No one cared that us kids were playing in their yards.

grow upThen it was time to grow up.  The best part of growing up was the chance of more freedom and the ability to try out new things.  One thing that everyone in my age group couldn’t wait to do was get a driver’s license.  This really felt that you were on your way to being a grown-up.  For some reason, most kids wish to grow up. It is imagined that you will have all the freedom you want, doing just what you want to do with no restrictions.  Unfortunately, they don’t realize that along with that comes responsibility, the cost of that freedom, and there are many limitations.  I have a grandson who is now an adult and has stated that it is cool being able to come and go as you please, being on your own, but it costs a lot to live on your own.  

Then, the first job. That too was exciting to be able to earn your own money, but the regiment and expectations come at a high price such as being really responsible.   At the time it all seemed like such an adventure.  Nothing had to be forever, and it was fun imagining what the future would hold.  Having the ability to dream of what it was to be a grown-up was always a fun topic discussed with friends.  Would I get married, what kind of job would I have, would I go on to school, and how many children would I have?  The world was an open book and so exciting to dream about the what-ifs.

grow upI always wanted to be the age of my older sister.  She was four years older than me and was able to do things way ahead of me such as dating, staying out late, and going to parties, it seemed there were no limitations.  I had other girlfriends that were in the same situation and we would all try to copy what our older siblings were doing.  Unfortunately, this didn’t work out so well.  It often got us into trouble, but it was still fun while it lasted.

Anticipating growing up allows you to dream the what-ifs and what life could hold.  This is a time that I feel is not to be wasted as I see so many young kids doing today.  It doesn’t have to be heavy, but unfortunately, you also don’t have the common sense that is needed.  Anticipation is a very fun and exciting exercise.  I have been told that the planning and anticipating of something is often more fun than the actual happening.

Just remember not to grow up too fast, and remember that you were once a kid also so be patient with those that are in those experimenting and dreaming time of their lives.

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