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Home on MacArthur Drive

The first time I left home was the first and the last.  I graduated from high school in 1962, worked as a secretary for the Superintendent of Schools prior to graduation, and upon graduation, then in August of that year, I went to work for the next fifty-six years at the law office.  I got engaged while a senior in high school and waited one year to regroup and got married in the summer of 1963.  

I lived with my parents until the time of my marriage in July 1963.  We moved into an apartment for six months and then moved into a newly built home.  We lived in that house for fourteen years and in the year 1977, we moved into our present home.


Our First Home

I always said that when I was eighteen I was “out of here”. Well, as it turned out I never left the city where I was born and grew up in.  

This sounds really boring, but my life has been anything but boring.  When I put myself on Facebook I got a notice from one of my cousins that she had been trying to find me.  I had to laugh because I didn’t think she had been looking too hard.  

I lived with my parents until I married, never leaving the city where I was born.  I worked in the same city that I was born in for fifty-six years. 

Also, I have been married to the same man for fifty-nine years.


Our Last Home

Talk about a trailblazer I ain’t.  Maybe I am a trailblazer by a different standard.  I must have eliminated a lot of stress and possibly excitement and adventure by not moving around, but if you don’t do it you never know what you missed.  We had the opportunity with my husband’s job to be relocated to Council Bluffs, Iowa but decided that family was more important and stayed where we were and presently are.

I have been given several opportunities to travel abroad and for me, that is just the right kind of excitement.  I have created my own fun, adventure, and challenges by actually staying in the same place.

So, never totally leaving home, or the city, does have its perks.

Who Is Sandy

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