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terrifiedI have done a lot of babysitting in my life.  I was never scared or terrified while babysitting or of the dark, until I saw the movie “The Babysitter”.

This movie is about a girl who is babysitting a couple of children.  She put them to bed in their upstairs bedrooms.  When she went back downstairs she kept receiving strange telephone calls.  Eventually, the caller would say threatening things and she was becoming more and more scared.  As the night went on the caller kept making threatening remarks such as she was in danger and eventually he said he was going to do away with the children and perhaps her.  Having a horrifying evening of terrifying phone calls and threats she went upstairs to check on the children.  She found them murdered.  At that point, she realized the phone calls were coming from upstairs.  She ran hysterically down the stairs for help.  She was chased by this unknown killer. When she got to the door I believe the police were at the door.  Unfortunately, for the children, they were too late.

terrifiedSince I can’t remember all the details, the ones that I do remember were absolutely terrifying.  After that whenever I babysat I was very leery of phone calls and became quite scared of any unknown noise.

This definitely made an impact on my life as it took some of my innocence away.  

My sister and I had a bedroom down the hall from the door that led downstairs.  Whenever I would either come or go to my bedroom I would always run as I could.  I just knew someone was lurking in the other two bedrooms just waiting for me.

Why is it that scary movies are so fun to watch and also make such a negative impact on your life?  

 One of my grandkids can’t stand dolls.  This is due to a movie that she watched with an older grandson and his girlfriend about dolls killing people and doing awful things.

I guess we all love the challenge of being scared but sometimes are not ready for the after-effects they leave.

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