Too Little, Too Late

bodyWhat is happening?  To my body that is!!  When I was a young teenager I was really skinny.  I even went to the doctor to find out why I wasn’t gaining weight.  He prescribed some pills.  They were probably sugar pills for all I know, but they didn’t work. 

When I was married I weighed 98 pounds.  I hated my image.  I felt I had no boobs, my arms were skinny and I was just skinny all over.  I would wear clothing up to the neck and down to the wrist on most occasions to hide my bones that protruded. When I look back at pictures of when I was a young adult I think gee I didn’t look that bad.  Too bad I didn’t enjoy those years when they were here. I have always been waiting for my prime to appear.  Guess what, I must have missed it.  

I used to love buying swimming suits.  I really didn’t like wearing them as I have always felt that they are really uncomfortable.  I supposed it was because I was self-conscious about my body.  Now, I can say that I actually hate swimming suits.  Oh, I love the pictures of them and think they are adorable in the magazines, but trying them on in a store dressing room can be the most depressing event of your life.  I don’t remember a time that I actually put on a swimming suit and went, wow, that looks great.

bodyI believe the only ones that are cute in swimming suits are the toddlers, ages 1 to 5.  Then perhaps 12 – 18 if they don’t live on chips and pop that is.  I also feel that these pre-adult girls would look a whole lot better if they would just own it.  Instead, they stand around with their arms around themselves acting embarrassed.  Why not just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and be done with it.  It is done and I can understand the necessity for doing this.

odyOne thing I have learned through all this body changing is don’t stand next to a tanned, twenty-something, totally in shape female in a swimming suit if you are over the age of sixty, or if you weigh over 120 pounds.  Now, I know I am being really critical, but from my past experience, this seems to be true.  I won’t even stand next to my twelve-year-old and twenty-one-year-old granddaughters who have the almost perfect bodies and look amazing in swimming suits and love to show it.  More power to them.  Enjoy it while you can, but don’t forget everyone who is lucky will be able to experience this never-ending problem of middle age when everything gets flabby and goes south.  

Anyone who says these are the Golden Years and we are to enjoy them should try to find and look great in a swimming suit.

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