There Is Only One Me!

Three words that best describe me are snarky, persistent, and creative:


snarkyI love to be snarky. Actually, it comes quite naturally.  One of my favorite characters that I identify with is the cartoon character “Maxine”.  She reminds me of how I think most of the time.  Mix in a little more empathy and that is me.  I am not a flowery speaking type of person. 

I find this to be embarrassing and tend to find a funny remark easier to say. It just comes so naturally. Now, I do get in trouble for being snarky. I am told this sometimes is construed as mean and snotty.  This is really not my intention.  Still, this is my nature, and I still tend and naturally love to do it.  I was reminded recently that even the stationery that I use even expresses my strange personality.  One such saying on my stationary said, “A woman’s place should be in the home, they can kiss that shit goodbye:  Since I couldn’t find the stationary that I used, here is one right up my alley.  Now, be aware that this will definitely get me in trouble!!!!


snarkyI am persistent to a fault.  When I get something in my head I will see to it that it happens.  For example, for years I wanted a cottage.  This actually started when I was a small child.  For the rest of my life, I worked towards this goal.  I worked longer than most people in order to accomplish this financially.  I saved, dreamt, planned, and did investigative work towards this goal as I knew it just had to happen.  It took quite a while, but eventually, it did,  

I love to decorate.  When I start a project I am persistent in creating my dream and tend to get a little over-enthused.  When someone doesn’t agree with my ideas I go a little crazy and try to get them to see it my way.  I tend to be rather determined in my ideas.   

One of my ideas that went flat just recently, was the opportunity to help my grandson and his girlfriend paint their apartment.  I find bathrooms to be quite boring.  So, when I suggested they paint their two baths in some fun metallic color they sort of flipped.  I was determined, but it failed.   

Did I mention that I have a few failures?  Well, we recently did my youngest granddaughter’s bedroom.  Boy, did she squash my ideas.  She goes for plain and simple and I tend to go for different, sort of weird, and one-of-a-kind ideas.  Such as I don’t think you should ever have just a headboard.  There are so many fun things to do instead.  Well, trying to be my creative self in her room just didn’t cut it.  Since she had to sleep there she won!



Attic fort

I absolutely love to create.  Nothing gets me going more than the thought of designing something new and fun.  It could be a flower arrangement, a room, a garden, or whatever.  Actually, my being creative can be a threat to some.  My grandchildren will not let me in their apartments, dorms, whatever, as they know I will want to create their space for them.   If I have something new that I am thinking of creating, it can get me out of bed early in the morning and up late at night.  This gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.  It seems you can never run out of the opportunity to create, just sometimes the energy.

The fort in my attic was a lot of fun and got my creative juices flowing.  My grandkids always loved going up in our attic to find treasures and play with old toys that were being stored.  So, I decided that a fort would be really cool.  First we decided on a color scheme (we really didn’t have much of a choice since it was a Walmart purchase), then how they would use it, and then wahla it got done. 

It’s hard to list only three things to describe me as I am sort of complex, and a little weird at times.  But that is for another writing.

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