My Cleaning Mishaps AKA Not Cleaning

cleaning mishapsI admit to finding it difficult to write about cleaning and cleaning mishaps because I don’t clean very often.  I pick up, I organize and I straighten but I seldom clean.First, vacuuming makes my back so sore that I must do it in 20-minute increments or I can’t move the next day. Secondly, I sincerely detest dusting. OK, I’ll stop whining. Cleaning…what can I say?

When I was a young girl, my big sister did all the cleaning.  When I asked to help, she complained that I slowed her down and she always had to do it over. So, I let her do it. She was good at it and she got lots of compliments, so I thought I should step out.

I also over-think cleaning.  I start out with vim and vigor and end up cleaning a closet or sorting my winter clothes or cleaning out the refrigerator.  Consequently, the real job doesn’t get done. 

My husband also thinks he should help with or do the cleaning but he tends to put it at the bottom of his to do list so I can tell he dislikes it as much as I do. 

If I were totally honest, I would hire someone to come and clean. My problem with that is I’ve been told that you should only hire someone to do tasks if they charge less than you make an hour. That rules out that idea. However, that would mean I would have to do my own plumbing, electrical work and auto repairs except I would have no idea how to complete those jobs. I think I’ll add the qualifier that I can also hire someone to do things I know nothing about and especially things I dislike doing.

I think cleaning needs to be organized. Some cleaning each day. I can do a good job if I’m hosting a holiday or having company, but to stay motivated to clean every day of every week of every month makes my teeth itch and leaves me feeling crazy and depressed.

I think I really need a cleaning coach.  You know, someone that could give me all the tips about the right tools and right products to do a great job in half the time. Do I hear any offers?

To wrap things, here are three of my thoughts about cleaning.

  1. Friends say “I love the feeling of looking at a spotless house”.  I seldom feel this way.
  2. When I get my house clean and sparkly, I get crabby because everybody comes in and messes it up.
  3. Once the house is clean, I want it to stay that way…. I know it’s totally unrealistic.

My house is my happy place. It feels welcoming, cozy and lived in. A bit of dust and sometimes guarded by killer dust bunnies. Come visit anytime and leave the “white gloves” at home.

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