Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day

Celebrating Indigenous

Some of you might have been wondering why I posted a Discover Columbus post on what I called Columbus Day back on October 12, 2020. One of the Sidetracked Sisters brought to my attention that the celebration of this day has become “Indigenous People’s Day.  I knew that at some level. Unfortunately, not in time to make this post “Politically Correct”.It seems that Columbus was an adventurer and explorer but as we are now aware, he wasn’t a very nice guy. Some called him a Barbarian and a mercenary. Knowing the truth, we now celebrate a day in honor of Native Indigenous Americans in opposition to the celebration of Columbus Day.  Governor Tony Evers established Indigenous Peoples Day via an executive order days before the observance in 2017.

Today we celebrate the people who first called this land home.  We remember the struggles and tragedies they endured.  We honor their place in and contributions to the shared story of America.

In correcting my mistake, I realize that this change is not just to be PC. In reality, it is doing the right thing for all the right reasons.  It is deserved and long overdue. 

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