How Do I Love Thee – Let Me Count The Ways…

love about myselfWhat do I love about myself is the question of the day.  It’s a challenging question to answer because people tend to focus more on the negative aspects of themselves.  I’m choosing to try to be more positive, so I’m actually having a hard time picking just one thing.  That will most likely sound conceited to some.  Here are a few things that I’m proud of about myself.

The first is my smile.  I’ve always been told I have a great smile and I tend to agree.  When I’m smiling at someone, it is a genuine smile.

Second would be my friendships.  I am a devoted friend and my friendships are extremely important to me.  I’m loyal to those friends that have also proven their loyalty to me.  I love my two BFFs to the moon and back. (See Friends – Both Old and New – I Love You All!)

Next would be my sense of humor.  I personally think I have an excellent sense of humor.  Not everyone will agree, but I always make myself laugh!  <Insert wicked laugh here>  (See DAMN! I’m FUNNY!!)

Finally, I’d have to say my technical aptitude.  I’ve been working with computers for the past 30+ years and feel that there isn’t much I can’t do or figure out.  When confronted with a computer challenge, I always say that come hell or high water, I’ll find the solution.  I refuse to let the computer have the last say in a problem. (See Come Hell or High Water, I Will Win!)

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