Love or Hate Cell Phones

smashed cellWho has a love/hate relationship with their cell phones?

Well, first of all, I hate the cost of these stupid things. My gosh my rent used to be $65.00 per month.  I know, that was in the dark ages! Now to get an updated phone that does lots of things, costs ten times that per month. You’ve got to be kidding!!!!

I think a phone should be for talking such as for emergencies or the like. Why do we have to play games, take pictures, or whatever else they do. You see, I have a cell phone and I don’t know one-fourth of the things this stupid thing can do. What a waste of money. Now, if this little gem could do say dusting, vacuuming, walk the dog, (you got it), then we can talk about value.

Instead, I see these little devices get (some of my wonderful grandchildren) in trouble, prevent people from learning how to communicate, like looking someone in the eye and actually carrying on a conversation. I see people in their boats, hiking, walking the dog, grocery shopping, bike riding (the list goes on and on) actually talking on their phones. Oh, let’s not forget driving. It used to be you actually had to wait to get home to find out what you have missed.

Restaurants and Vacations

I love going out to eat with friends/relatives/acquaintances to find them either leaving the table to talk to someone (must be more important than me who is sitting at the table) to talk to someone on the phone.  Or see everyone constantly looking at their phones to see if there is something more important than interacting with the present company.  Actually I feel they can be put on the list of things that are just plain rude.

I used to love to go on vacation and feel totally relaxed and out of the problems of some of life.  Now it  can feel like I have never left the house. You see you get updated on current events, problems, hysteria on a daily basis. Why leave at all!!

Then, of course there are the constant telemarketers that constantly interrupt our world not only by landlines, but by our stupid cell phones.

Leave them off

I feel proper etiquette of cell phones should be we leave them in our purses, pockets, ringer turned off.  Then when on the “toilet” my favorite place to catch up, or by yourself, you check all the constant interruptions you get.  There can be exceptions as I know they are not going to go away, but please let’s start communicating with our mouths and eyes once again.

I love nothing than getting together with people and actually have a “no cell phones please” conversation.

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