Technology Ups and Downs

TechnologyEveryday, people tell me how wonderful technology is and how much time it saves us. Really!?! How often do I spend hours trying to figure out how to insert pictures into something I’ve written only to accidentally delete half my writing or to send a picture into never, never land?

How I long for the days of simply doing things by hand or typewriter. Like at work trying to understand how to fool the computer into doing what I need it to do. How wonderful it would feel to put a piece of paper into a typewriter and have it show exactly what I want it to show.

Everyday I explain to people how wonderful technology can be and they give me all of the reasons why I’m full of blue mud! Computers (they say) crash, are hacked, get viruses, become quickly obsolete and on and on.

Isn’t it enough that as I age I have my ow obsolescence to deal with? To say nothing of the $$$ we spend to keep technology in our lives. We spend to include cell phones to computers, to I- pods to tablets to kindles to name a few. This doesn’t even count play station, Xbox, NetFlix and all the other “technological” advances we have to deal with.
I just learned how to set the time on my VCR and it is now obsolete. DVD’s? nah..they are now “On Demand” and Hulu and all the other sites I don’t know how to find.
One day, I may just go back to reading a good book, a real book with pages. I might take notes with a pen and paper and listen to music on a turntable with an on/off and volume switch. Want to join me?

Footnote to readers and self: OK, Ok…on a good day, I would argue that I could not live without all of my conveniences. I only wish they didn’t make my brain work so hard. Maybe one day they will invent a brain chip so that I will be as good at all of this technology as our younger generation. I give up.

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